About Us

Hello players and welcome to Spades Unlimited, a Card league operated for players. When we started talking about forming a card league the first words were "Let's have fun; let's be honest", which translates to integrity. We went on to say that we want to promote diversity and create a good learning experience. In any mission statement it is almost a requirement to use high flown words, but the truth is we mostly want to have fun!

Spades Unlimited provides entertainment 7 days a week, in an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun, consisting of:

Each registered player will receive a plasticized I.D. card with membership number.

Communications with existing and potential players will include:

Other Spades Unlimited venues will be notified of the games in all locations.

Each tournament director (TD) will be certified by the Tournament Directors Association (TDA).

Co-founder Andy Crosby is a long time poker player and professionally certified Tournament Director, (TDA). He has 5 years of experience directing games in many diverse venues. Because of his love of the game, his interest lay with creating games that are not only enjoyable but a learning experience for all. Elray Woolverton, the other co-founder, is a relative newcomer to poker, but his lengthy business experience ensures that Spades Unlimited will be professionally operated and here for the long term. Together, the two form a cohesive partnership creating a really fine card game league.

Andy & Elray


Leader Board