Spades Unlimited is where the goals of venue owners and players meet in harmony... the host provides a pleasant, comfortable place to play cards and the players to have fun. Treat your host and his/her place of business with respect, take care of your servers and above all, have fun.

August 28, 2014

No more games at Bullfrogz

We are sorry to say that Bullfrogz in Kennesaw has closed its doors. There will be no more games. Sorry for the short notice.

August 07, 2014

Battle of the Bars

The date and venue is set. Battle of the Bars will be held Saturday August 30th at Winston's. Good luck to everyone that qualified and cards will fly at 2pm. Check last month's (July) standings to see if you are in the top 20 to qualify.

July 28, 2014

Battle of the Bars

Congrats to Terry Franklin for winning the tournament yesterday!! Paul Peterson came in second with Les Fish pulling in third!! It is clear there is a problem with not everyone receiving email invitations to the Battle of the Bars. We will start scheduling the tournaments and setting the date earlier. We will post the date and venue on the news feed here. Please remember the tournaments are for the previous month's top 20 in points for each venue. If multiple people have the same points as 20th...all players with the same points will be qualified. All points from this month should be up to date. If anyone has any issues with points ..please message us on Facebook. Thanks guys and see ya at the tables. Thanks, Andy

Thank you Ray Mohabir for your continued support of Spades Unlimited. For each quarterly tournament, you have supplied extra tables and chairs and we greatly appreciate it. I encourage all our players to support your business.

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