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November 16, 2017

Battle of the Bars

The Battle of the Bars will be held Saturday Novemember 25th at Winston's @ 2pm. Good luck to everyone that qualified last month!!

July 18, 2017

Brewster's 16wk tournament!!

Okay guys and gals! Brewster's is adding a little something to their weekly games! Each game (Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday) will be tracked now in a 16wk tournament structure of it's own. At the end of the 16wks the top 16 points getters will qualify for the $300 winner take all final! This is just something extra for Brewster's players. Also Tuesdays' games are worth double points! So come out and get your name in the standings! Good luck everyone!!


Okay everyone here it is the 16wk Tournament Top 16 players

Players.                           Points

1. Chris Hart.                   7660

2. Paul Keith.                   4000

3. Richard Day.                3875

4. Jack Palumbo.           3855

5. Shannon Bates.          3810

6. Mary Ann Day.            3335

7. Larry Hawkins.           3075

8. Michael Talley.           2715

9. Mike Wasilewski.       2500

10. Tom Yandow.           2430

11. Terry Palmer.            2175

12. Robert Reaid.           1970

13. Barbara Davis.         1560

14. Jim Duerre.               1535

15. Chuck Chesbo.         1460

16. Vinnie Robertson.     1365


The top 4 Alternates will be...

17. Chris Hudema.           1275

18. Brad Drummond.        1085

19. Julie Beatty.                 1065

20. Brad Bagley.                 1020


The Tournament will be held this Tuesday Nov. 7th at Brewster Bar and Grill at 7pm. Sign in will start at 6:20pm. Rules for chip ups and any other questions will be handled before the tournament starts. Good luck to everyone and lets have a great tournament! 

Thank you Ray Mohabir for your continued support of Spades Unlimited. For each quarterly tournament, you have supplied extra tables and chairs and we greatly appreciate it. I encourage all our players to support your business.

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